Expertise & Services


Social Media

I help brands develop and customise a social media plan. The ultimate aim is to increase brand awareness, sales, and interaction with your customers with messaging and branding strategies that are on trend.

This plan will consider strategies for both owned and earned media, including influencer marketing, online communities, events, press coverage, and more, followed by analysing the responses and outcomes.

A key deliverable is a content calendar for each platform (what to post, when to post, what to say), 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Snapchat.


Content is the strongest tool for engaging your audience. What your audience see via digital channels - before interacting with your brand or buying your product - is content.

With a love for content and passion for storytelling, I can help identify your visual direction and lead the process from concept to pitching ideas and mood boards to orchestrating the whole production process (assembling and briefing the right creative team: stylist, photo -or videographer, make-up, and location spotting).

Resulting editorial content can be in the form of videos, still images, and story boards. 

Public Relations

Having worked for international and Nordic magazines and companies (fashion, tech and lifestyle) as a digital editor, stylist, producer and social media manager, I have relevant understanding and experience to help your brand's public relations both on a global and local plan.  

My PR services include creating and maintaining rapport with variouse media, planning publicity strategies and campaigns, producing presentations and press releases, analysing media coverage, organising promotional events, and analysing media trends. 

Project Management

With my background working as a producer, running events, and working in publishing, this is a role that comes very naturally to me. I thrive on working across teams / tasks, executing on projects effectively and managing various stakeholders throughout the process. 

What drives me in this role is the ability to make everyday life easier for my team, by paying attention to their personality and utilising the communication tools needed to optimise the workflow and looking for creative and smart solutions.